Attractions in Las Vegas

Flightlinez is one of the newest attractions in Las Vegas near Fremont Street. When people think of ziplines, generally they imagine soaring along the slope of a mountain. This is what makes Flightlinez so different. Riders are sent flying right through a laser show, as part of the Fremont Street Experience. Cruise along at about 30 mph for about 800 feet as the warm Vegas breeze spins riders, providing a 360-degree view of Fremont Street.

Neon Boneyard
Nothing screams Las Vegas like neon. As time goes on, renovations have led to the replacement of the vintage neon signs of days gone by. One of the brightest attractions in Las Vegas near Fremont Street is the Neon Boneyard at the Neon Museum, where visitors can get a look at over 150 signs from the 1930s-1990s that have been donated or purchased. The Boneyard is just one of the many displays at the Neon Museum.

Las Vegas’ Block 16
Before the end of World War II, there was only one block in Las Vegas where drinking and gambling were legal. Today, there are a lot more drinking and gambling establishments than there were in the 1940s. This historical site is now the location of Binion’s Gambling Hall. It is one of the most historically important attractions in Las Vegas near Fremont Street. Although the original Block 16 was demolished, the site is a must see.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Looking to find attractions in Las Vegas near Fremont Street that appeal to the entire family? Then the Natural History Museum is the answer. Spend a few hours checking out fossils and dinosaurs and don’t miss the live insect display. There are many rotating and permanent exhibits available and the Museum hosts many special events throughout the year.

The Mob Museum
No trip to Las Vegas is complete without a visit to the Mob Museum. The Museum is located in the old federal courthouse and post office building, which is a historical attraction in itself. The museum tells the story of days gone by in Las Vegas and visitors learn the real story of the mob. Learn about famous mobsters and the people who helped bring them down and find out more about the Las Vegas mob connections through the years.